New haircare ingredient: RESVINIA®

We are pleased to announce that we have launched a new natural haircare ingredient from upcycled French vine shoots during In-Cosmetics Global 2024. 

RESVINIA® is a new natural active ingredient made of grapevine Resveratrol & epsilon-Viniferin extracted solely from upcycled French vineyards, vine shoots.

It can be used in cosmetic formulations for its haircare properties proven by efficacy studies such as prevention of hair loss, stimulation of hair growth, protective effect, and anti-pollution properties. 

Do not hesitate to contact us at to obtain more information on this new ingredient. 

 -June 2024-

New clinical results in VINEATROL® range

We recently obtained new clinical results in our VINEATROL® range. 

VINEATROL® offers significant results for skin beauty, weight management, osteoarthritis and muscle metabolism.

This ingredient can be used for nutraceutical and nutricosmetic products.

VINEATROL® is a 100% natural ingredient made of Resveratrol, epsilon-viniferin and other Resveratrol derivatives, extracted solely from upcycled French vines.

It is available in powder or liquid form.

Do not hesitate to contact us at to obtain more information on these new clinical results. 

 -October 2023-


We recently launched two new COSMOS approved active ingredients  in our VITISIN® range. 

These active ingredients are standardized in Vitisin A and Vitisin b, two Resveratol derivatives, with potent tyrosinase inhibition activity. This has been confirmed during two clinical studies on skin lightening and reduction of age spots with significant results.

The active molecules are extracted solely from upcycled French vine roots: these co-products are collected during the natural renewal of vines. 

It is available standardized in natural butylene glycol or pure rapeseed glycerin.

Actichem manages all the steps of production in France, from harvesting to the delivery of active ingredients, offering a real traceability and quality assurance. 

 -March 2023-

New clinical study for our VINIFEROL® range

We are proud to share the latest results for our range VINIFEROL®. A clinical study shows that our range VINIFEROL® exhibits very good firmness activity.

22 participants had tested a VINIFEROL® cream twice a day during 2 months on one leg. 

After 2 months of application, the participants evaluated that the variation was:

– Firmness: 12%

– Smooth skin: 11%

– Resculpting thigh: 5.3%

VINIFEROL exhibits firming, smoothing and resculpting effects highlighted by clinical grading.

– 2022 –

New clinical data in our RESVERATROX® range

During 1 month, 22 participants with an acne-prone skin had tested a RESVERATROX® cream twice a day. There was an overall improvement of the skin such as reduction of skin flaws, protection against external factors, reduction of sebum excess and excellent dermatological tolerance. 

– 2022 –


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